Friday, October 30, 2015

Source Control

GitHub Repository

Above is the link to my repository. I have added to the content section, a character.

This week I will be designing the characters and adding their animations in using Mixamo

Monday, October 26, 2015

Scott Pilgrim & Skyrim

Scott Pilgrim:
In relation to the tetrad, the aesthetic of the game is the largest attraction. It was based on the original graphic novel design and brings the characters to life, allowing people to play as their favorite characters. The actual technology was either PC, PS3, or xbox 360, with basic controls. The mechanics involved was a basic physics engine, no added super jumps or strength. tEmergent properties: the player is only allowed to kick, punch and throw to every object including AI to fight. The player only controls one character, but the game allows up too four players at once. The game follows the proper interest curve, each level has simple AI to fight, with the occasional stronger AI, and each level you fight a boss, with the final boss being the most challenging, keeping the player interested and involved though it was a simple beat'm up.

In relation to the tetrad, the story and the aesthetic were key parts to the game. The story offered 300 hours of gameplay with side quest, while the graphics were high def and an improvement on the previous games. The game offered a variety of creatures to fight and characters to team up with, each quest and interaction affecting the player. The player could use a variety of weapons, each trainable and a variety of magic spells, even the ability to ride a dragon.

This week for the team video game, I will be working on character modeling using Mixamo.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Blueprint hw 10/7/15

entire blue print for the spoke

Far left panel

mid panel

Far right panel

I have used the cone to make a spoke that once that actor collides with it, it expands in the z axis (original height * 12), then after 1 second of being expanded, it shrinks back to its original height. This can be used in our game as a trap in front of an entrance that has to be turned off by the character before they can enter an area. The arithmetic operator being used is multiplication of the cone height times 12, then later reducing by 12, they can be seen in the far left panel and the mid panel.

Before collison 
Overlap begin

After end overlap

team video 1

this is the team video

Monday, October 5, 2015

10/5 update

This past week I worked with creating a new material by blending different textures together and also using the slope of the land to determine the attributes of the land. Then I used that material to make a basic landscape with mountains using the sculpting tools. This week coming up I will be working on generating assets and possible character design while also building a landscape to actually use for the game.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Come on, Scott. You could do better

One of the best scenes from Scott Pilgrim vs the world with my commentary

Two Games Everyone Should Play

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game is a game that follows the plot of the graphic novels of the same name (minus ":The Game"). What I enjoy about this game is that it plays as a simple 8 bit arcade beat 'em up, so the controls are not complex. The greatest part of this game is the art and color choices. It makes the game pop and not a single scene looks dull. This game is also amazing because I absolutely loved the novels and the movie, so to be able to partake in this universe is exhilarating.

Blur is a racing game released for the Xbox 360 to compete against Nintendo's Mario kart. What I enjoy about this game is the the graphics and racing style are quite realistic and match up to standard racing game mechanics but what makes it different is that it allows for a "Powered Up" racing mode which allows racers to pick up and attack each other with 5 different powers ( like mario kart), making the game more intense because the goal is not just to win but to cause as much damage as possible while receiving the least amount.